The Many Health Benefits of Apples from Your Michigan Apple Shipper

Michigan Apple Shipper

We have all heard the old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While that’s obviously an exaggeration and you may still need medical attention despite eating an apple every day, apples really do carry many health benefits. In this post, we will discuss the variety of health benefits you may experience when you eat apples.

There have been studies done that show apples and apple products such as pectin have lowered the risk of certain cancers such as colorectal cancer as well as prevention and suppression of other cancers that include liver cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, and esophageal cancer. Even apple cider vinegar has been cited as having anti-tumor properties. Apple pectin has been used to treat people who have been affected by nuclear disasters by removing carcinogenic radioisotopes.

Besides combatting cancer, there are many other health benefits that can come from eating apples and apple products. These benefits can include stopping diarrhea, preventing atherosclerosis, lowering risk of Alzheimer’s disease, reducing inflammation of the bowels, preventing gingivitis, slowing or preventing hair loss, and more! To learn more about the documented medicinal properties of apples, click here.

At Jack Brown Produce, we are proud to be a grower-owned Michigan apple shipper that is happy to work with local growers all throughout the state. With more than 70 growers supplying Jack Brown, you can count on being able to get all the varieties your customers want. Apples are something that will never go “out of style” because of their amazing taste, variety, versatility, and in this day and age, documented health benefits!