Food Safety

Jack Brown's Apple Ridge brand meets the highest level of food safety.

Jack Brown has made food safety a focal point of our entire operation. We have made it a top priority that all apples grown, harvested and shipped through Jack Brown adhere to the most stringent USDA food standards.

To ensure the food you buy is safe, we conduct regular audits to monitor soil, water, fertilizer use, pest control methods, harvest practices and food safety and security procedures.

Jack Brown annually passes a federal Good Handling Procedures (GHP) Audit where we are inspected on a number of levels, including policies, procedures, and traceability. Along with our being certified by passing the GHP, every year our growers undergo and pass a separate GHP audit.

The safe use of pesticides is of vital importance to Jack Brown. All of Jack Brown's independent growers are certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture to purchase them. And since federal and state laws regulate the use of pesticides, all our growers meet standards set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. FDA. They are also regularly inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Everyone associated with Jack Brown is committed to being a good steward of the earth along with being dedicated to the health of the farm. When you purchase apples from Jack Brown Produce, you can be confident that from the tree to the packing house, they meet the highest standards of care possible.