CA Storage

Jack Brown CA WarehouseCA Storage

No matter what time of year you order from Jack Brown, you can count on apples of just-picked freshness and goodness. Our CA warehouse virtually guarantees it.

Jack Brown's CA warehouse consists of 23 rooms and can store several hundred thousand bushels of apples. This air-tight facility displaces oxygen from 21% to 1.5% to slow the respiration of the fruit — in essence putting it to sleep. Also, the carbon dioxide level is raised, which adds further to keeping the fruit in a just-picked state.

Because every apple variety is unique, Jack Brown adjusts room temperatures to the proper core level for each variety stored in a particular room. The temperatures will vary from 32˚ to 38˚ depending on the variety.

Computers allow us to monitor this warehouse from the main office, or from off-site locations to make sure the apples are kept at optimum temperature, humidity and CO2 and O2 levels at all times.

At Jack Brown, we do more than deliver apples. We deliver fresh tasting apples throughout the year. You can count on it.