Thome Orchards

Thome OrchardsKey Personnel:

Steve Thome is the owner of Thome Orchards


2137 7 Mile Rd.
Comstock Park, MI

Farm History:

Steve operates his orchard with the help of his parents Harold and Joanne, his wife Missy and their son Mitch. Michael Thome started farming at this location in 1846. Mitch is the sixth generation of the Thome family to work on this farm. The farm began with grain crops, livestock and some fruit. Due to the elevation, climate and soil, the farm now solely grows apples.

Varieties Grown:

Honeycrisp, Gala, Red Delicious, Jonagold, McIntosh, Empire, Cameo, Jonathan,
Golden Delicious, Paula Red, Rome, Ida Red and Fuji.

Items of Interest:

Steve and his father have spent much time traveling to other apple growing regions around the United States and other countries to observe growing practices, varieties and planting systems. They have returned with many ideas that they have incorporated into their operation. These include trickle irrigation for all of their planting, use of dwarfing trees and high-density planting systems.