Succop Orchards

Succop OrchardsKey Personnel:

The Succop Orchards are owned by Phil and Jeff Succop.


10 Mile Rd. at Fruit Ridge Ave.
Sparta, MI

Farm History:

Phillip Klenk started this farm in 1894. Phil and Jeff are his great-grandsons. The
second generation of this farm, Erwin Klenk, was one of the original stockholders of Jack Brown Produce, and the packing line used on this farm was moved to the Jack Brown Produce facility in 1960.

Varieties Grown:

Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Gala, McIntosh, Empire, Jonagold,
Jonathan, Rome, Ida Red and Fuji.

Items of Interest:

This farm was one of the first in the state to utilize CA (controlled atmosphere) storage. This type of apple storage is refrigerated, but the room is also built to be air tight so the oxygen level can be lowered and the carbon dioxide level raised to reduce the respiration rate of the fruit. This allows the apples to be kept longer than with just refrigerated storage. Their first CA storage room was built in 1956 and is still in use today. Succop Orchards now have six CA storages on their farm to hold their harvest until it is marketed.