About Us

Jack Brown Produce is a leading Michigan apple packer, shipper and exporter.

Jack Brown Produce was formed in Sparta, Michigan more than 60 years ago and is still grower-owned. However, today Jack Brown ships to nearly every state east of the Rockies and to many international markets.

With more than 70 growers supplying Jack Brown, you can count on being able to get all the varieties your customers want. Whether it is traditional varieties like Red and Golden Delicious, Jonathon and McIntosh, or newer varieties such as Gala, Fuji and Honeycrisp, Jack Brown is your single source for locally grown Michigan Apples.

And because Jack Brown has been selected by so many growers who are planting the newest varieties, we will always be able to help you keep in step with your customer's changing tastes.

Quality + Volume + Consistent supply. It is a combination that has made Jack Brown a recognized leader.
We deliver confidence.